About The Designer


Mackenzie Tessa Cameron is a multidisciplinary artist and jeweller living and working in Toronto, Ontario. She studied Studio Arts at Concordia University in Montreal, specializing in drawing and painting, as well as dabbling in ceramics and sculpture. Tessa's interest in art and fashion started at a very young age and was rivalled only by her love for animals and nature. Tessa was looking for different mediums by which to transform her passions into physical creations. After completing her university studies, she began classes at L'École de Joaillerie de Montréal. Now finished with traditional schooling, Tessa has relocated to Toronto, in hopes of launching her career in this vibrant and thriving city. Tessa recently became an in-house artist at Made You Look, a famous jewelry boutique, which houses over 20 on-site jewellers and showcases the work of over 100 Canadian designers.

Tessa's work reflects her affinity for vintage iconography, victorian symbolism, and above all a deep appreciation and esteem for wildlife. Tessa works primarily in silver, and often implements the art of lost-wax casting. This technique allows for intricate details and organic textures to first be sculpted in wax and then cast and immortalized in metal.




Invidiosa is an emergent line of demi-fine jewelry, handmade by designer Mackenzie Tessa Cameron in her Toronto atelier. Invidiosa was launched in 2017, and takes its name from the bewitching Pre-Raphaelite painting, Circe Invidiosa (1892), by John William Waterhouse. The painting features the sorceress Circe, half hovering, half balanced, on top of a sea creature in a dark and murky grotto. Circe pours a luminous turquoise potion into the pool, a poisonous concoction intended to transform Scylla, Circe's romantic rival, into a terrifying and grotesque monster.

The viewer's attention is fixed entirely on Circe. Her beauty is not docile or delicate, but born of an intensity and focus that draws the viewer into her enchanting and dangerous world.

Invidiosa strives to create wearable art through the process of jewelry-making that captures the same allure and mystique of its namesake. Invidiosa's aim is to design unique jewelry with an elegant mix of nature and luxury.